Patient Story

UAMC Patients Say Thank You

Following March's Doctor's Day and April's National Nurses week, UA Medical Center continues to honor its physicians, nurses and hospital staff with the slogan "Stronger Because of You." This month, former and current patients were invited to share their stories about the lifesaving care they received, and their positive experiences during their hospital stays.

Dana, Ben, and Delaney

Real patients living their lives thanks to the wonderful treatments and care they receive at Diamond Children's.

Healthbreak: Robotic thoracic surgery a game changer in treating lung cancer

Farid Gharagozloo, MD, FACS, chief of Thoracic Surgery at The University of Arizona Medical Center, is using minimally invasive robotic surgery to remove lung cancer from patients, changing the way we look at the biggest cause of death by cancer in the United States.

Healthbreak: UA's Breast Health Program offers multi-disciplinary team approach

The Breast Health Program at The University of Arizona Cancer Center offers patients a personalized approach to breast cancer, spanning every facet of treatment. The team is made up of nationally-renowned experts across numerous specialties, all working in symphony to ensure exceptional care. 

Healthbreak: Blood and marrow transplants give pediatric leukemia patients treatment options

Emmanuel Katsanis, MD, discusses how pediatric leukemia patients whose cancers are otherwise incurable, have options at the University of Arizona Medical Center with blood and bone marrow transplants.

Healthbreak: UAMC's prostate cancer program offers patients a multi-faceted approach to care

Mitchell Sokoloff, MD, FACS discusses UAMC's Prostate Cancer Program, a well-established program using a multi-faceted approach to caring for patients, including clinical and research activities dating back to the 1980s.

Randy’s tongue was rebuilt using tissue from his wrist

It was during an annual check-up with his regular doctor that Randy — a pastor in a Sierra Vista-based church — was stunned by the possibility that a sore spot under his tongue might be cancer. Having never taken part in activities such as drinking or smoking that are considered common causes of mouth cancer, being told he had stage 4 oral cancer was quite a shock.

Larry and his doctors fight his leukemia head on

During the 2011 holiday season, Larry’s mom noticed he didn’t seem himself, and was very lethargic. They took him to his pediatrician and demanded a blood test, figuring maybe he had a virus. Just six hours later they found themselves checking him into The University of Arizona Medical Center - Diamond Children’s, where they were told he had leukemia.