How to Submit Specimens to The University of Arizona Cancer Center Biospecimen Respository

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The University of Arizona Cancer Center Biospecimen Respository

The Tissue Acquisition and Molecular/Cellular Analysis Shared Resource (TACMASR) provides tissue collection, preservation and banking services for The University of Arizona Cancer Center.

TACMASR: Pager #8577
Phone: 626-7319
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
Location: Cancer Center Room 3959
Interdepartment Mailing Address: P.O. Box 24-5024


The original, properly signed, consent form MUST be received by TACMASR prior to submission of any biospecimen to the tumor bank:

  • Consent forms may be placed in a mutually agreed-upon location, and are picked up by TACMASS.
  • Consent form may also be hand delivered to TACMASS, Cancer Center Room 3959
  • Consent form may also be mailed via interdepartment mailing to PO Box 24-5024
  • Consent form may also be placed in the Pathology Frozen Section Room refrigerator along with blood specimens

To submit samples to the Tumor Bank:

  • Collect blood (one purple top EDTA tube and one red or tiger top Serum tube).
  • Place the  blood in the Pathology Frozen Section room refrigerator, along with the original signed and dated consent form (if the original form hasn’t been sent to TACMASS already).
  • If at all possible, please page TACMASS at the start of the surgery to give us an idea of when and where to pick up specimens.

When the tissue is ready:

  • Page the Pathology resident if there will be a frozen section.
  • Page the TACMASR lab when the sample is ready (whether there is a frozen section or not).
  • TACMASR will come to the Frozen Section room to pick up the tissue.
  • Write the surgical clamp time on the form you submit to Pathology.

After Hours Policy:

  • Surgery/OR staff can fix tissue pieces that are designated for TB in formalin and place in the Frozen Section Room refrigerator, along with the blood and original signed consent form.