How to Submit Specimens to the Cancer Center Tumor Bank

Cancer Center Tumor Bank
The University of Arizona Cancer Center Biospecimen Respository

The Tissue Acquisition and Molecular/Cellular Analysis Shared Service (TACMASS) provides tissue collection, preservation and banking services for The University of Arizona Cancer Center.

TACMASS: Pager #8577
Phone: 626-7319
E-mail: TACMASS Shared Service
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
Location: Cancer Center Room 3959
Interdepartment Mailing Address: P.O. Box 24-5024

  • Tumor Bank manager, Erika Dexter 

  •  Biospecimen Collection, Carole Kepler

  • Consent Verification, Betsy Dennison                      

  • Lab Manager, Kathy McDaniel 

The original, properly signed, consent form MUST be received by TACMASS prior to submission of any biospecimen to the tumor bank:

  • Consent forms may be placed in a mutually agreed-upon location, and are picked up by TACMASS.
  • Consent form may also be hand delivered to TACMASS, Cancer Center Room 3959
  • Consent form may also be mailed via interdepartment mailing to PO Box 24-5024
  • Consent form may also be placed in the Pathology Frozen Section Room refrigerator along with blood and urine specimens

To submit samples to the Tumor Bank:

  • Collect urine, 30cc minimum.
  • Collect blood (one purple top EDTA tube and one red or tiger top Serum tube).
  • Place the urine and blood in the Pathology Frozen Section room refrigerator, along with the original signed and dated consent form (if the original form hasn’t been sent to TACMASS already).
  • If at all possible, please page TACMASS at the start of the surgery to give us an idea of when and where to pick up specimens.

When the tissue is ready:

  • Page the Pathology resident if there will be a frozen section.
  • Page the TACMASS lab when the sample is ready (whether there is a frozen section or not).
  • TACMASS will come to the Frozen Section room to pick up the tissue.
  • Write the surgical clamp time on the form you submit to Pathology.

After Hours Policy:

  • Surgery/OR staff can fix tissue pieces that are designated for TB in formalin and place in the Frozen Section Room refrigerator, along with the blood, urine and original signed consent form.