Tissue Acquisition and the AZCC Tumor Bank

TACMASS collects, preserves, and banks biospecimens obtained from Arizona Cancer Center surgical patients who are seen by University Medical Center surgeons and oncologists.

The patient’s surgeon or oncologist is responsible for consenting the patient for submission of surgical specimens to the AZCC BioRepository (IRB #06-0609-04, Setsuko Chambers, PI).

Biospecimens collected at the time of surgery include fresh surgical tissue, blood and urine. Serum, plasma and genomic DNA are harvested from the whole blood. 

The surgeon and the Department of Pathology attending physicians and residents are responsible for identifying appropriate tissue for banking that will not compromise pathological diagnosis.

Tumor and/or normal adjacent tissue, identified by gross examination, that will not be needed for pathological diagnosis are preserved by fixing in formalin, snap freezing, and/or fixing in RNALaterTM.

Histological diagnosis is rendered on each piece of formalin-fixed and snap frozen tissue by Hematoxylin and Eosin staining (H&E).

Any member of the University of Arizona/University Medical Center faculty, performing surgical procedures and interested in submitting biospecimens to the bank, please read the TACMASS information available in "How to Submit to Specimens to the AZCC Tumor Bank."

AZCC Members and collaborators may request the use of banked biospecimens through TACMASS. 

For further information use the Email contacts below

TACMASS E-mail - Monitored by multiple staff members for fastest response     

      Erika Dexter Tumor Bank Manager

      Kathy McDaniel - TACMASS Lab Manager

      Ray Nagle, MD - TACMASS Director   

Everyone involved in submitting specimens to the Tumor Bank must maintain a current CITI Certification. For more information read about our CITI Certification Program.