Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis

Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Service (TACMASS).

Lisa M. Rimsza, MD, Director
Achyut Bhattacharyya, MD, Co-Director
Wenxin Zheng, MD, Co-Director.

TACMASS offers two primary types of services to The University of Arizona Cancer Center and University of Arizona (UA) research investigators:

1st Cellular and Molecular Analysis

TACMASS offers expertise in histological and immunopathological techniques and expert pathological analysis of both human and research animal tissues and cells. TACMASS assists researchers with experimental design and the interpretation of pathological findings. The following techniques are available:

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2nd Tissue Acquisition and the UACC Tumor Bank

TACMASS is also responsible for the collection, banking, annotation and distribution of surgical biospecimens obtained through the Cancer Center Biospecimen Repository. TACMASS provides Cancer Center cancer researchers with access to a repository of high quality, carefully collected and annotated human tumor tissues and body fluids for translational research.

Any member of the The University of Arizona/The University of Arizona Medical Center faculty, performing surgical procedures and interested in submitting biospecimens to the bank, please read the TACMASS information available in "How to Submit to Specimens to the Cancer Center Tumor Bank."