Proteomics Shared Resource

• Contact:

• Director: George Tsaprailis, PhD

The mission of the Proteomics Shared Resource (PSR) is to provide the University of Arizona Cancer Center investigators with a dedicated facility and expertise in analyzing proteins for their identity, quantity and function via state-of-the art Modern Mass Spectrometry and peripheral analytical instrumentation.

Over the past funding cycle, the PSR has performed proteomics analyses for Cancer Center members belonging to the four scientific research programs.

The Shared Resource offers a variety of proteomics services and tools to members of the Cancer Center.

  • Gel Electrophoresis - used to separate proteins in a gel matrix

    • 1D SDS-PAGE on 7 and 11 cm formats

      • separation by MW

      • Coomassie Blue and Silver stains

    • 2D SDS-PAGE on 7 and 11 cm formats

      • separation by pI and MW

      • Coomassie Blue and Silver stains

  • Protein MW determination

    • ESI or MALDI ionization

  • LC-MS/MS

    • Digestion of protein in solution or in-gel

    • nano HPLC introduction of peptides into mass spectrometer

    • tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) peptide sequencing

    • database searching

      • Sequest, X!Tandem, MASCOT outputs

      • SCAFFOLD visualization package

      • secure on-line results on


    • as LC-MS/MS but with orthogonal LC separation (Strong Cation Exchange and Reversed Phase chromatography)

  • Abundant Protein Depletion

    • Depletion of albumin and 11 other abundant proteins from plasma and serum by affinity chromatography

  • Protein Purification

    • ion exchange, affinity, size exclusion, HIC (inquire with Core personnel)

  • Phosphopeptide Enrichment

  • Biomolecular Interactions by Surface Plasmon Resonance. Real time label free detection of kon, koff, and KD. Protein:Protein, Protein:Nucleic Acids, Macromolecule:Small Molecule, Lipids, Carbohydrates

  • Sample concentration and clean-up

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