Proteomics Shared Resource

The mission of the Proteomics Shared Resource (PSR) is to provide the University of Arizona Cancer Center investigators with a dedicated facility and expertise in analyzing proteins for their identity, quantity and function via state-of-the art Modern Mass Spectrometry and peripheral analytical instrumentation.

Over the past funding cycle, the PSR has performed proteomics analyses for Cancer Center members belonging to the 5 different programs.

We offer a variety of proteomics services and tools to members of the Cancer Center.

  • Gel Electrophoresis - used to separate proteins in a gel matrix

    • 1D SDS-PAGE on 7 and 11 cm formats

      • separation by MW

      • Coomassie Blue and Silver stains

    • 2D SDS-PAGE on 7 and 11 cm formats

      • separation by pI and MW

      • Coomassie Blue and Silver stains

  • Protein MW determination

    • ESI or MALDI ionization

  • LC-MS/MS

    • Digestion of protein in solution or in-gel

    • nano HPLC introduction of peptides into mass spectrometer

    • tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) peptide sequencing

    • database searching

      • Sequest, X!Tandem, MASCOT outputs

      • SCAFFOLD visualization package

      • secure on-line results on


    • as LC-MS/MS but with orthogonal LC separation (Strong Cation Exchange and Reversed Phase chromatography)

  • Abundant Protein Depletion

    • Depletion of albumin and 11 other abundant proteins from plasma and serum by affinity chromatography

  • Protein Purification

    • ion exchange, affinity, size exclusion, HIC (inquire with Core personnel)

  • Phosphopeptide Enrichment

  • Biomolecular Interactions by Surface Plasmon Resonance. Real time label free detection of kon, koff, and KD. Protein:Protein, Protein:Nucleic Acids, Macromolecule:Small Molecule, Lipids, Carbohydrates

  • Sample concentration and clean-up

Please click here for a full list of prices. Prices are subject to change without notice and set by the University of Arizona Financial Services Office.