Key Information

Notification of Results and Data Analysis

A typical hybridization will result in multiple raw data files. Users are notified by e-mail when the raw data is available for download from their account on this web site. The Core recognizes that many users will want help performing data analysis. Data analysis is provided through the Informatics/Bioinformatics Shared Service Researchers wishing to meet individually for data analysis and consultation should contact David Mount to schedule an appointment once all the relevant hybridizations have been completed. The website for the  Informatics/Bioinformatics Shared Service is here.


Although we receive support from the Arizona Cancer Center, the Southwest Environmental Health Science Center, and the BIO5 institute, we must recover costs not covered by these supporting institutions as follows (costs are per sample or array):

RNA expression cDNA Microarray Expression Analysis:
human or mouse "5k" cDNA microarray (~5,300 genes) $119.00
Full service hybridization $180.00
Oligonucleotide Microarray Expression Analysis:
human "20k" oligonucleotide microarray (~18,600 genes) $119.00
Full service hybridization $180.00
Affymetrix Expression Analysis:
Affymetrix GeneChip, 3' or ST (Chip only) Variable (range is $175-400)*
Full service hybridization - 3' expression GeneChips (reagents only) $390.00
Full service hybridization - ST expression GeneChips (reagents only) $390.00
Full service hybridization ST expression GeneChips plus reagents - 10-pack $500.00
Agilent Expression Analysis:  
Agilent microarray Variable (range is $100-400)*
Full service hybridization $390.00
Nimblegen Expression Analysis:  
Nimblegen microarray Variable (range is $100-400)*
Full Service hybridization $390.00
RNA Regulation CpG Island Analysis:
CpG Island microarray $119.00
Full service hybridization, methylated CpG ChIP on chip only $240.00
Bundle of 10 CGI microarrays $930.00
Promoter Microarrays:
hybridization and data acquisition $96.00
Bundle of 10 promoter microarrays $930.00
Affymetrix, Agilent, and Nimblegen microarray for ChIP on chip (transcription factor binding, chromatin structure, etc) Variable*
hybridization and data acquisition $96.00
DNA analysis Affymetrix, Agilent, Nimblegen microarrays for CGH, re-sequencing, and SNP analysis Variable*
CGH hybridization and data acquisition $96.00
re-sequencing hybridization and data acquisition $96.00
SNP analysis hybridization and data acquisition $96.00
Self-service Scanning Self service laser scanning of user-hybridized slides $24.00 per 30 minutes scanner use
Custom microarray slide fabrication   Variable**
Real-Time PCR or RT/PCR self-service RT/PCR or PCR $42.00 per plate
full service RT/PCR or PCR $9.60 per reaction, includes RT
Sample Quality Control RNA integrity and quantitation $9.60 per sample
DNA integrity and quantitation $9.60 per sample

*Affymetrix, Agilent, and Nimblegen microarrays must be purchased from the manufacturer and provided by the user. Please contact the Core for information on ordering and prices for specific microarrays.

**Prices for custom microarray manufacturing depend on the size and type of microarray, please contact the Core for a quote.