Mycoplasma Screening Request Form

The presence of mycoplasma in your cell line can affect the integrity of your entire experiment. The EMSR performs weekly mycoplasma screenings on Tuesdays with results by Wednesday. Simply fill out the request form and drop off your samples in the refrigerator in common equipment room 0964 before 10:00 on Tuesday.

Please provide the account information below.

Disclaimer: The Experimental Mouse Shared Resource will perform experiments outlined in the investigator approved experimental designs with the highest care and quality. The Experimental Mouse Shared Resource is not responsible or liable for any claims, loss or damage arising from the quality of the material (cell lines etc.) or the experimental design (drug doses, frequency, etc.) provided by the Investigator.

Please enter the total number of cell lines you are requesting to be tested.  The number entered must match the number of cell line fields that are entered above.  If you have more than fifteen cell lines to submit, please submit the first 15 and then start a new form for the remainder.