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In Vivo Bioluminescence technology allows for the non-invasive imaging and quantification of luciferase tagged gene expression in live mice and microtiter plate analysis.

Our Roper ChemiPro BIS has been used for studies of gene transfer and regulation of hepatic transporters to monitor the time course of gene expression of the reporter. The system also has the capability of fluorescence and bright field imaging.


The system is located in the Arizona Cancer Center, room 0930A.



The instrument is comprised of a high-performance CCD camera mounted on a light-tight box. Within the box is a specimen stage with the capacity to hold 8 mice. Along with the ability to image luciferase activity in tissues, there are illumination sources, if needed, for fluorescent detection of multiple fluorescent labels (GFP, RFP and Cy5) and for bright light imaging. Image acquisition is controlled from a PC running WinView with ImagePro Plus for image analysis.

Fees and training:

The fee schedule is as follows:

  • $17/hr for system use
  • Training is available without charge



Bioluminescence Facility manager

Craig Weber
Assist. Scientific Investigator, Physiology

Shared Service Director

Natarajan Raghunand, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Radiology


SOPs - The Roper Bioluminescence SOP gives instructions on how to operate the instrument.

SOP for Roper Bioluminescence Imager v2.pdf121.27 KB