Cancer Imaging Shared Resource

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• Director: Ron Lynch, PhD

The Cancer Imaging Shared Resource (CISR) at The University of Arizona Cancer Center has been providing services to the Cancer Center and outside investigators since 2003. The goal is to provide access to a turnkey optical imaging systems and to pre-clinical and clinical imaging technologies. The CISR also offers a developmental component to evaluate and initiate new research projects, and oversees access to the wide range of image acquisition modalities, including bioluminescence imaging, MR, and PET/SPECT approaches for animal experiments. An image analysis facility acts as a central clearinghouse to consolidate and standardize state-of-the-art image processing and analysis routines.

Within this context, the CISR provides these services:

1. Optical imaging capabilities with the Leica SP5-II Confocal Microscope.

2. Optical imaging services in Bioluminescence Analysis of gene expression.

3. Image analysis approaches and assistance in developing and customizing specific image processing techniques in Image Analysis Facility.

4. Inveon MicroCT Scanner Imaging Facility.

5. Digital Histology Image Analysis.

6. Imaging Biomarkers for Cancer Clinical Trials.

7. Small Animal Imaging in the Biological Magnetic Resonance Facility.



 CT Mouse lung with ribs


Bioluminescence Mouse ImageImage Analysis MRI

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