Analysis & Reports

Representative Analysis and Reports

A representative sampling of the analysis and reports produced by the UACC Biostatistics Shared Service.

Analysis of RPMA study. C Hu, January 2013, Curiel/Stratton
Association between lymph-node status and overall survival for inflammatory breast cancer, Haiyan Cui, January 2013, J. Lang, R. Padersen, M. Sieffert
Sulforaphane treatment in NRf2-K0 mice, Kathylynn Saboda, February 2013, S. Dickinson/T. Bowden
The analysis of Redox signature score for HTG study, Haiyan Cui, D. Roe, February 2013, T. Landowski, M. Briehl
The comparison of hypoxia gene expression in matched ovarian primary tumor and peritoneal, metastases, Haiyan Cui, D. Roe, February 2013
The treatment effect of DFMO in survival for mice with MiaPaCa-2 and M-27 cell line, Haiyan Cui, February 2013, Natalia Ignatenko
SSL study: correlation of IHC markers and RPMA analytes, Kathylynn Saboda/Chengcheng Hu, April 2013, S. Stratton/Curiel/Einspahr
The association between BRCA2 and family history for the cancer, Haiyan Cui, April 2013, C. Laukaitis/Nelson-Moseke
Analysis of association between response and plasma VCAM and CAIX level, Haiyan Cui, April 2013, A. Stopeck, U. Brown-Glaberman
EDSMC Phase III Study of the Effects of Selenium on Adenomatous Polyp Recurrence, Paul Hsu, Jose Guillen, May 2013, P. Thompson-Carino/P. Lance
DIME DSMB Evaluation of Di-indolylmethane supplementation to modulate Tamoxifen efficacy in breast cancer, Jose Guillen, Denise Roe, May 2013.
OGTT Analysis, Jose Guillen, May 2013, P. Lance/P. Thompson-Carino
The effect of knockout of the mutant K-ras on tumor growth inhibition in SCID mice, Haiyan Cui, August 2013, N. Ignatenko
The effect of EMLA on the side effects of anesthesia, Kathylynn Saboda, August 2013, D. Gupta, B. Pate
The effect of ISO-7 vs. acetone in SSL exposed mice, Kathylynn Saboda, October 2013, S. Dickinson
The effect of 5-azocytidine on tumor burden in mice, Haiyan Cui, October 2013, S. Dickinson
The association between updated to cancer and risk factors for patients with breast mass, Haiyan Cui, October 2013, R. Viscusi.
The effect of PEGS-1 on tumor growth inhibition in mice, Haiyan Cui, October 2013, E. Meuillet.