Science & Biostatistical Collaborations

  • Analysis of recurrence of adenomatous polyps in Phase III prevention trial - various statistical models used, including logistic and Poisson with robust variance estimates; investigate viewing the number of adenomas as a latent variable and using mixture distribution (equivalent to zero-inflated Poisson regression); modify zero-inflated Poisson through a weight function to incorporate length of follow-up
  • Intermediate markers for cancer prevention trials - karyometric analysis of tissue samples; use of 93 karyometric features captures chromatin information at varying levels of complexity, suggesting the presence of diverse nuclear phenotypes that may be significant for classification or diagnostic purposes (related to malignant progression)
  • Design of Phase II clinical trials for innovative targeted therapies

Larger projects

  • SPORE in Lymphoma
  • Chemoprevention of Skin Cancer

Collaborating on AZCC Programs & with AZCC Investigators

  • The Chemoprevention Consortium P.I., H.-H. Sherry Chow
  • Colorectal Neoplasia in SELECT Participants  P.I., Peter Lance
  • Evaluation of Diindolylmethane Supplementation to Modulate Tamoxifen Efficacy in Breast Cancer Survivors P.I., Cynthia Thomson
  • Selenium Colorectal Cancer Chemoprevention Trials  Co-P.I.s. Peter Lance, Patricia Thompson-Carino
  • NSAID Effects on Clinical and Imaging Breast Biomarkers ; Co-P.I.s Alison Stopeck/Patricia Thompson-Carino. 

 Assistance also is provided to more junior investigators in the preparation of R03, R21 and K07 applications.