• Development of standardized, customized behavioral and food frequency questionnaires to meet specific research objectives.
  • Assistance with standardized grant text for instrument selection/administration.
  • Development, programming and management of web-based data collection instruments.
  • Consultation for design of nutrition, behavioral and quality of life assessments and interventions.
  • Training and certification of dietary interviewers.
  • Collection of 24-hour dietary recalls by telephone or in-person.
  • Nutrient assessment of 24-hour recalls, dietary intake records, food frequency questionnaires, and recipe/menus.
  • Analysis of dietary supplement intake.
  • Behavioral assessment of questionnaires on physical activity, health habits, smoking behaviors, sun safety behaviors, and sexual practices.
  • Body composition assessments using bioelectrical impedance and anthropometrics measures.
  • Quality control and quality assurance review of all behavioral and dietary data.
  • Statistical summarization and analysis of diet and activity measures.
  • Training of graduate students in behavioral measurement assessment.
  • Quality of life questionnaires and instruments.
  • Accelerometer data collection and analysis

The BMISR has ActiGraph Accelerometers for the collection of physical activity measures. The accelerometers are small and provide a minimally invasive tool for direct measure of physical activity. The BMISR also has the ActiGraph software tools to analyze activity data collected with the ActiGraph devices and will provide training on accelerometer use. 


Diet Recall Data Entry     $11 per day/record
Dietary Recall Interview$24 per recall interview
Moderate* Questionnaire Processing$10.45 per form
Extensive** Questionnaire Processing$15.95 per form
Printing of Standardized Questionnaires$2.50 per form
Web Questionnaire ProgrammingCall for pricing
Dietary Data Collection TrainingCall for pricing
Analytical Services  Call for pricing
Data Management ServicesCall for pricing

*Moderate Questionnaires:
Citrus Questionnaire
Cruciferous Vegetable Questionnaire
Meat Preparation Questionnaire
Tea Questionnaire
Smoking Questionnaire

**Extensive Questionnaires:

Arizona Activity Questionnaire
Arizona Food Frequency Questionnaire
Arizona Southwest Food Frequency Questionnaire Arizona Activity Questionnaire


Most standardized forms can be processed within 3-4 weeks but this can vary upon the coding that is necessary. Please call Angela Yung for specific service time estimates at 520-626-8316.