• Development of standardized, customized behavioral and food frequency questionnaires to meet specific research objectives.
  • Assistance with standardized grant text for instrument selection/administration.
  • Development, programming and management of web-based data collection instruments.
  • Consultation for design of nutrition, behavioral and quality of life assessments and interventions.
  • Training and certification of dietary interviewers.
  • Collection of 24-hour dietary recalls by telephone or in-person.
  • Nutrient assessment of 24-hour recalls, dietary intake records, food frequency questionnaires, and recipe/menus.
  • Analysis of dietary supplement intake.
  • Behavioral assessment of questionnaires on physical activity, health habits, smoking behaviors, sun safety behaviors,ç and sexual practices.
  • Body composition assessments using bioelectrical impedance and anthropometrics measures.
  • Quality control and quality assurance review of all behavioral and dietary data.
  • Statistical summarization and analysis of diet and activity measures.
  • Training of graduate students in behavioral measurement assessment.
  • Quality of life questionnaires and instruments.


Diet Recall Data Entry     $11 per day/record
Dietary Recall Interview$24 per recall interview
Moderate* Questionnaire Processing$10.45 per form
Extensive** Questionnaire Processing$15.95 per form
Printing of Standardized Questionnaires$2.50 per form
Web Questionnaire ProgrammingCall for pricing
Dietary Data Collection TrainingCall for pricing
Analytical Services  Call for pricing
Data Management ServicesCall for pricing

*Moderate Questionnaires:
Citrus Questionnaire
Cruciferous Vegetable Questionnaire
Meat Preparation Questionnaire
Tea Questionnaire
Smoking Questionnaire

**Extensive Questionnaires:

Arizona Activity Questionnaire
Arizona Food Frequency Questionnaire
Arizona Southwest Food Frequency Questionnaire Arizona Activity Questionnaire



Most standardized forms can be processed within 2-3 weeks but this can vary upon the coding that is necessary. Please call for specific service time estimates.