How to Use the Service

Potential users, especially first-time users, are encouraged to personally contact ACSS service personnel for instructions on how to access all the services of the Analytical Chemistry Shared Service. Please contact Dr. Chow or Dr. Stratton by phone or email. After a short discussion about your project, the service request form can be submitted to the ACSS and a realistic time line can be projected.

All AZCC members have access to the Analytical Chemistry Shared Service. The service is provided according to the following AZCC priority guidelines

  1. AZCC members with peer-reviewed extramural funding;
  2. New AZCC investigators with AZCC pilot project or developmental funding;
  3. AZCC members with other funding sources;
  4. Peer-reviewed, funded non-members at UA if sufficient time/resources are available to accommodate requested service.


Personnel Contacts

H-H. Sherry Chow, PhD, Co-Director       (520) 626-3358
Steven Stratton, PhD, Co-Director   (520) 626-9295