Developed / Implemented Assays

Below is a list of assays developed or implemented in the Analytical Chemistry.

 4-HPR (N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-retinamide) Plasma; Tissue HPLC-FLD
 8-Hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine  Urine; DNA  HPLC-MS/MS
 8-Isoprostaglandin F2 alpha  Urine; Plasma  HPLC-MS/MS
 Antalarmin  Plasma  HPLC-MS/MS
 Arginine/Ornithine  Intestine; Colon Tissue  HPLC-FLD
 Bile acids  Fecal Water; Plasma  HPLC-MS
 Buspirone  Plasma  HPLC-MS/MS
 Caffeine/Caffeine metabolites  Plasma  HPLC-UV
 Carotenoids  Plasma/Skin  HPLC-FLD
 Carbendazim  Plasma  HPLC-MS/MS
 Celecoxib  Plasma  HPLC-UV
 Chlorophyll  Colon Tissue  HPLC-FLD
 Cortisol/6-Hydroxycortisol  Urine  HPLC-UV
 Cortisol/Cortisone  Saliva  HPLC-MS/MS
 Curcumin  Plasma; Skin  HPLC-UV
 Dextromethorphan (DM)/DM metabolites  Urine  HPLC-FLD
 DFMO (Alpha-difluoromethylornithine)  Plasma; Skin  HPLC-FLD
 DITPA (3,5-diiodothyropropionic acid)  Plasma  HPLC-MS/MS
 Gemcitabine  Plasma  HPLC-UV
 Gemcitabine Triphosphate  Blood Lymphocytes  HPLC-UV
 gamma-Glutamylcysteine  Cell extract  HPLC-FLD
 HETEs (hydroperoxyeicosatetraenoic acid)  Lung Tissue  HPLC-MS/MS
 Imexon  Plasma  HPLC-UV
 Isothiocyanate-glutathione conjugates  Cultured cells  HPLC-MS/MS
 Limonene  Plasma  HPLC-MS/MS
 Losartan/Losartan Metabolites  Urine  HPLC-UV
 Melphalan/Melphalan analogues  Dosing Preparation  HPLC-MS/MS
 Nitotinic acid/Nicotinamide  Plasma  HPLC-MS/MS
 Polyamines  Plasma; Tissue  HPLC-FLD
 Psorospermin methyl ether  Plasma  HPLC-UV
 PX-12  Plasma  HPLC-UV
 Retinols  Plasma; Skin  HPLC-FLD
 Selenium  Plasma  AA
 Sulindac/Sulindac metabolites  Plasma; Breast Fluid  HPLC-MS/MS
 Targretin  Plasma  HPLC-FLD
 Tea Catechins  Plasma; Urine  HPLC-EC
 Thyroxine/Triiodothyroxine  Plasma  HPLC-MS/MS
 Tocopherol/Tocopherol succinate  Plasma; Tissue  HPLC-FLD
 Wortmannin analogues  Plasma; Bile  HPLC-MS/MS

In addition to the listed methods, the Analytical Chemistry Shared Service can develop analytical procedures for determination of novel chemicals in biological samples and adapt additional published analytical procedures.