Prostate Cancer Research

The goal of the Prostate Group is to establish multiple discipline expertise in treating prostate patients, which would include urologic surgeons, radiation oncology, medical oncology, subspecialized pathology and prevention expertise. This clinical team would be complimented by strong research in the areas of prostate cancer prevention and studies on the mechanisms of prostate cancer progression with a particular emphasis on cancer metastasis.

Research Group Members

Frederick R. Ahmann, MD

Hsiao-Hui (Sherry) Chow, PhD

Anne E. Cress, PhD

Shona T. Dougherty, MB, ChB, PhD

Matthew Gretzer, MD, FACS

Ronald Heimark, PhD

Chengcheng Hu MA, MS

Chiu-Hsieh (Paul) Hsu, PhD

Raymond Nagle, MD, PhD

Mike Nguyen, MD

Mitchell Sokoloff, MD

Isis Sroka, PhD

Steven Stratton, PhD

Patricia Thompson, PhD

Jonathan Walker, MD