Training Program


2014 NACP Summer students: Kyle Lopez, Mark Lee, Margaret Briehl (PI), Winifred Tsosie, Phillip Belone, Alec Lopez, Sarafina Gorman, Netallia Tsosie, Courtney Joe and Tyrene Hubbard (Left to right).   

Principal Investigators

Margaret Briehl, UACC
Jani Ingram, NAU

Our specific aim is to develop effective transition steps to increase the number of Native American students in the cancer research and health sciences pipeline, by:

  • Expanding introductory cancer-related exploration experience for freshmen [Health Transition and Academic Readiness (STAR)] at NAU;
  • Implementing a summer cancer-related research experience at NAU to initiate the transition process for tribal and community college students into universities [Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP)];
  • Developing programs to prepare Native American undergraduate students to enter biomedical graduate programs.

Training Leadership:

Margaret Briehl, PhD, is a cancer researcher and professor of pathology. She is a faculty member in the Cancer Biology Graduate Interdisciplinary Program, for which she directs the Graduate Student Research Colloquium and serves on the Student Progress and the Executive Committees. In the Department of Pathology, she co-directs a graduate-level course titled, Basic Human Pathology, and gives lectures and teaches laboratories on cancer, aging, cell injury and cell death to medical students. For the Native American Cancer Prevention Program, she is co-leading the Training Program with Teisha Solomon, PhD. In this capacity, Dr. Briehl seeks to provide Native American students with research experiences that will spark their passion for solving cancer-related health problems.

Jani C. Ingram, PhD, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, investigates environmental contaminants with respect to their impact on health. She has published 36 peer-reviewed articles and has been or is currently funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation. She is a member of the Navajo Nation (born to the Náneesht’ ézhi clan) and is involved in outreach activities for Native American students in undergraduate research. She is the Director of the John and Sophie Ottens Native American Undergraduate Research program as well as serving as the Director of the Training Program for the Native American Cancer Prevention Program. She is the Co-Director for the Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology program. Nationally, she serves as a councilor for the Council on Undergraduate Research.

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