Cancer Prevention and Control Research Overview

The research accomplishments of our scientific investigators ensure that novel approaches with significant impact on cancer prevention and control will continue to be developed and translate into improved human health. Program Project Grant: Chemoprevention of Skin Cancer Program Project (3P01 CA027502, PI: David S. Alberts, MD)

Seminars  Meetings

Seminar Series
The Cancer Prevention and Control Program holds a weekly seminar series every Wednesday (except the fourth Wednesday) at 9:00am in Kiewit  Auditorium in order to further our goal to conduct exceptional science through interactive, multi-disciplinary scientific research that will lead to progressive reductions in cancer morbidity and mortality through improvements in cancer prevention and control.  Invited speakers and members of our program present their work and perspective in order to further the understanding of cancer prevention and future directions in the field.

Member Meetings
The Cancer Prevention and Control Program holds a monthly meeting for members on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 9:00am in UACC 3978.  This meeting allows member to address any program issues that may come up, get informed about developments in the program, and offers an opportunity to share your area of interests and research with other members so that collaborations can be strengthened.


CPC research is divided into two subsections.

1. Prevention, Early Detection, and Risk Stratification

  • Detection and Surveillance
  • Risk Stratification
  • Basic Science
  • Chemoprevention

Currently funded research in this area includes:

Evaluation of Diindolymethane supplementation to modulate tamoxifen efficacy in breast cancer: A randomized, placebo-controlled trial testing efficacy of DIM + TAM in modifying breast density, MRI, sex hormones, tamoxifen metabolites in breast cancer survivors • NCI • R01 CA149417-01A1
Cynthia Thomson, PhD  full description

2. Cancer Control and Population Science

  • Epidemiology
  • Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • Cancer Health Disparities

Currently funded research in this area includes:

Partnership for Native American Cancer Prevention (NACP) • NCI • 1U54 CA143924-02
David S. Alberts, MD full description