Protocol Review and Monitoring System

The University of Arizona Cancer Center Scientific Review Committee reviews interventional treatment of diagnostic or therapeutic nature as well as long term population-based studies involving patients or patient samples. 

The committee is responsible for:

  • Evaluating study merit for utilization of UACC shared resources/services
  • Reviewing ongoing progress of interventional treatment
  • Promoting unified standards for treatment implementation and translational research.

About Protocol Review and Monitoring:

How to attend a meeting:

Download the SRC Calendar (PDF)

Contact Us:

Steven Stratton, PhD, Chair (520) 626-9295

Robert Livingston, MD, SRC Co-Chair

Shannon Vaffis, MPH, PMP


Amit Agarwal, MD, PhD Gracie Diaz Hitendra Patel, MD
Amanda Baker, PharmD, PhD Victor Gonzalez, MD Soham Puvvada, MD
Yira Bermudez, PhD, MBA Jules Harris, MD Denise Roe, DrPH
Pavani Chalasani, MD Robert Livingston, MD Jonathan Schatz, MD
Janiel Cragun, MD Lois Loescher, PhD, RN Parminder Singh, MD
Lee Cranmer, MD, PhD Elleen Martin, CCRP Steve Stratton, PhD
Halyan Cul, PhD Ali McBride, PharmD, MS, BCPS Evan Unger, MD
    James Warneke, MD, FACS