Russell Witte, PhD

Assistant Professor of Radiology, Optical Sciences & Biomedical Engineering

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(520) 626-0346
(520) 626-7856
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Russell Witte's experimental ultrasound laboratory develops new imaging tools and techniques that employ a combination of light, sound, and radiofrequencies to image deep into tissue with novel contrast mechanisms. This translational technology potentially impacts a variety of medical disorders ranging from epilepsy to cancer.

In cancer related research, Dr. Witte exploits photoacoustic imaging, which combines light with sound to produce high resolution ultrasound images based  on the optical absorption properties of tissue. He is also interested in collaborating with others to develop smart contrast agents capable of targeted imaging, therapy and more.

In addition to the cancer imaging program, Dr. Witte is also part of the Neuroscience, Applied Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering graduate programs.

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2. Cancer Imaging
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Associate Member