Peter H. Bartels, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Optical Sciences

Director of Quantitative Diagnostic and Histopathologic Laboratory

Professor Emeritus of Pathology

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(520) 298-2778
Research Information
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2. Cancer Imaging
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Affiliate Member
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Optical image analysis; quantitation in diagnostic cytology/pathology; very high-speed image scanning; multiprocessor computer design.

Professional Information
International Academy of Cytology, Honorary Fellow, 1970
The University of Arizona Foundation, Creative Research Award, 1978
NASA Achievement Award, 1980
National Cancer Institute, Outstanding Investigator Award, 1991-1997
American Registry of Pathology, 1992 Ash Lecture
Lifetime Achievement Award, International Society for Diagnostic Quantitative Histopathology, 1998


Academic Information
University of Goettingen, 1954