Lars R. Furenlid, PhD

Professor of Radiology and Optical Sciences

Associate Director of the Center for Gamma-Ray Imaging

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(520) 626-4256
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2. Cancer Imaging
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Associate Research Member
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I am a tenured Professor with appointments in the Department of Radiology and the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona.  I am a member of the Arizona Cancer Center and the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Engineering.  I am a physical chemist with 24 years of experience in molecular imaging and the development and application of advanced instrumentation for x-ray and gamma-ray imaging and spectroscopy, optical imaging and spectroscopy, and related methods for biomedical research.  I am a founding member and Associate Director of the NIH-funded Center for Gamma-ray Imaging, and have been a project leader for the Center since its inception in 1999.   

  I have served as principal investigator, project leader, or co-investigator on federally- and industry-funded research projects including grants from the NCRR, NCI, and NIBIB institutes, and mentor graduate students working towards masters and PhD degrees.  I have a broad physics, chemistry, and structural biology background, and teach graduate courses in the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences on the physics and mathematics of imaging and spectroscopy.  I also co-teach a graduate course in the Biomedical Engineering/Cancer Biology programs on radiochemistry and molecular imaging methods in drug discovery.  I currently serve as co-chair of the NIH SBMIT(10) study section which handles SBIR proposals in the biomedical imaging field.

I have special expertise in the techniques required to develop and apply advanced x-ray and gamma-ray detectors, and commissioned SPECT and PET imaging systems.  This includes the physics of scintillation and solid-state detectors, methods of optics, pulse-processing electronics, digital data acquisition, and data inversion/assessment/reconstruction with a variety of computational methods.   I work closely with and advise Masters and PhD students to carry out fundamental research and develop hardware technologies as part of their thesis/disseration projects.

            I will work closely with Dr. Barrett and the other CGRI project leaders and faculty members towards the successful completion of the specific aims in the core projects, collaborations, and service activities proposed in this P41 renewal application.   I will meet with them on a regular basis, participate in the design of the research program, work with our students and staff to carry out experiments, help acquire and analyze data, and prepare relevant manuscripts and presentations that describe study findings.  

Collaborative Research: 
  1. Liu Z, Zhao M, Zhu X, Furenlid LR, Chen Y-C, Barrett HH. In vivo dynamic imaging of myocardial cell death using 99mTc-labeled C2A domain of Synaptotagmin I in a rat model of ischemia and reperfusion. Nucl Med Biol 348: 907-91534(8), 907-915, 2007, 2007.  PMC2515710
  2. Liu Z, Barrett HH, Stevenson GD, Furenlid LR, Wilson DW, Woolfenden JM, Pak KY. Evaluation of cardioprotection in ischemic-reperfused rat hearts using stationary small-animal SPECT imager and 99mTc-glucarate. Nucl Med Commun 29(2): 120-128, 2008.  PMC2586977
  3. Miller BW, Barrett HH, Furenlid LR, Barber HB, Hunter RJ. Recent advances in BazookaSPECT: Real-time data acquisition and the development of a gamma-ray microscope. Nucl Inst Meth A 591(1):  272-275, 2008.Volume 591, Issue 1, 11 June 2008, Pages 272-275      PMC2597870
  4.  Barrett HH, Furenlid LR, Freed M, Hesterman JY, Kupinski MA, Clarkson E, Whitaker MK. Adaptive SPECT.  IEEE Trans Med Imag 27(6): 775-788, 2008.Maximum-likelihood estimation with a contracting-grid search algorithm, J.Y. Hesterman, L. Caucci, M.A. Kupinski, H.H. Barrett, and L. R. Furenlid, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci.,57(3), 1077–1084, 2010.Hesterman JY, Caucci L, Kupinski MA, Barrett HH, Furenlid LR, Maximum-likelihood estimation with a contracting-grid search algorithm, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 2010: 57(3), 1077–1084.PMC2575754
  5. Peterson TE, Shokouhi S, Furenlid LR, Wilson DW.Multi-pinhole SPECT imaging with silicon strip detectors.  IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 56(3): 646-652, 2009.  PMC2953820
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  7. Hunter WCJ, Barrett HH, Furenlid LR. Calibration Method for ML Estimation of 3D Interaction Position in a Thick Gamma-Ray Detector.  IEEE Trans. on Nuc. Sci. 56(1): 189-196, 2009.  PMC2828637
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  9. Liu Z, Chen L, Liu S, Barber C, Stevenson GD, Furenlid LR, Barrett HH, Woolfenden JM. Kinetic characterization of a novel cationic 99mTc(I)-tricarbonyl complex, 99mTc-15C5-PNP, for myocardial perfusion imaging. J Nucl Card 17(5): 858–867, 2010.  PMC2940957
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  12. Liu Z, wyffels L, Barber C, Wan L, Xu H, Huic MM, Furenlid LR, Woolfenden JW.  Characterization of 99mTc-labeled cytokine ligands for inflammation imaging via TNF and IL-1 pathways.  Nucl Med. Biol.  39:905-915, 2012.    PMC3443298 
  13. Miller BW, Van Holen R, Barrett HH, Furenlid, LR.  A System Calibration and Fast Iterative Reconstruction Method for Next-Generation SPECT Imagers, Trans. Nucl. Sci. 59(5):1990-1996, 2012.
  14. Zhang Y, Stevenson GD, Barber C, Furenlid LR, Barrett HH, Woolfenden JM, Zhao M, Liu Z.  Imaging of rat cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury using99mTc-labeled duramycin.  Nucl. Med. Biol.  40(1): 80-88, 2013.   PMC3632380
  15. Havelin RJ, Miller BW, Barrett HH, Furenlid LR, Murphy JM, Dwyer RM,  Foley MJ.  Design and performance of a small-animal imaging system using synthetic collimation.  Phys. Med. Biol.  58(1): 3397-3412, 2013.  PMID:   23618819  
Professional Information
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IEEE, Member
Society of Nuclear Medicine, Member

1980-1983                   Baird Foundation Fellow, University of Arizona

1983  Phi Beta Kappa, Golden Key, and Phi Sigma Upsilon Honor Societies

1987  Texaco Philanthropic Foundation Graduate Fellowship

1988 Sigma Xi  Best Dissertation Award: Physical Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

2003 The Journal of Nuclear Medicine’s 2nd Place Award for Basic Science Investigations in 2002

2007  Sylvia Sorkin Greenfield Award for Best Paper in Medical Physics in 2006

2009   Election as Fellow of the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

2013  University of Arizona Leading Edge Award for Innovative Research

2013 Radiation Instrumentation Outstanding Achievement Award (IEEE RISC)

Academic Information
PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1988
Undergraduate School: 
BS, University of Arizona, 1983