Jessica A. Miller, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

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(520) 626-6326
Research Information
Selected Publications: 
MillerJA, Thompson PA, HakimIA, Lopez AM, Vining D, Fritz H, ChewWM, Chow HH. Evaluation of limonene, a bioactive food component from citrus peel, as a topical agent for breast cancer prevention. Nutrition and Cancer (under review).
Miller JA, Thompson PA, Hakim IA, Chow HH, Thomson CA. d-Limonene: a bioactive food component from citrus and evidence for a potential role in breast cancer prevention and treatment. Oncology Reviews 2011; 66(5):31–42
MillerJA, HakimIA, ChewWM, Thompson PA, ThomsonCA, Chow HH. Adipose tissue accumulation of d-limonene with the consumption of a lemonade preparation rich in d-limonene content. Nutrition and Cancer 2010; 62(6); 783-8.
Chow HH, Garland L, Hsu CH, Vining DR, Chew WM, Miller JA, Perloff M, Crowell JA, Alberts D. Resveratrol modulates drug- and carcinogen-metabolizing enzymes in a healthy volunteer study. Cancer Prevention Research 2010; 3(9): 1168-75.
Miller JA, Hakim IA, Thomson CA, Thompson PA, Chow HH. Determination of d-limonene in adipose tissue by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. J Chromatogr B Analyt Technol Biomed Life Sci. 2008 Jul 1;870(1):68-73
Professional Information
Professional Affiliations: 
Member, America Society for Nutrition
Member, Beta Beta Beta biological honorary society
Member, Kappa Mu Epsilon national math honorary society
Member, Sigma Zeta national science honorary society
Member, Iota Sigma Pi national women’s chemistry honorary society
Member, American Chemical Society

National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute R25T Cancer Prevention and Control Training Fellowship

National Cancer Institute Cancer Prevention Research Symposiium

Nominee Graduate Teaching Assistant, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Univeristy of Arizona 2009

Graduate College Fellowship 2009

Meritorious Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Nutritional Sciences, Univeristy of Arizona 2008

Laureates summer research stipend 2004

Howard Bott’s competitive academic scholarship 2001 – 2005

Academic Information
University of Arizona
Master's Degree: 
University of Arizona
Undergraduate School: 
Hillsdale College