Eniko T. Enikov, PhD

Associate Professor, BIO5 and Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

E-Mail Address: 
Phone Number: 
(520) 621-4506
Research Information
Research Program: 
2. Cancer Imaging
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Affiliate Member
Summary of Research Activity: 
These are the areas in which Dr. Enikov's research are focused:
Biological Imaging
Selected Publications: 
Enikov, E.T. and Palaria. Experimental analysis of the stability of electrostatic bits for assisted nano-assembly. Journal of Electrostatics,, in press.
Nelson B, Felder R, Zhang M.. 2007. Life Science Automation: Fundamentals and Applications. Artech House Publishers.
Enikov, E.T., and Seo G.S. Sep 2005. Experimental Analysis of Current and Deformations of IPMC Actuators. Experimental Mechanics, 45:383-391
Eniko T. Enikov, Lyubomir L. Minkov and Scott Clark. Sep 2005. Micro-Assembly Experiments with Transparent Electrostatic Gripper Under Optical and Vision-Based Control. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 52:1005-1012
Enikov, E.T. and Palaria,:. Sep 2005. Charge writing in silicon-silicon dioxide for nano-assembly. Nanotechnology, 15:1211-1216
Academic Information
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1998
Master's Degree: 
M.Sc., Budapest Technical University, 1993