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Daniel C. Malone, Ph.D, R.Ph., is a professor at the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy and Associate Professor in Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Colorado, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Dr. Malone received a Master of Science in Pharmacy in 1990 and his Doctor of Philosophy in 1993 from The University of Texas.  He completed an AHRQ post-doctoral fellowship in the Departments of Public Health and Community Medicine and Pharmacy at the University of Washington. 

His area of expertise is in pharmacoeconomics and health services research. Dr. Malone is the co-Director for the Arizona Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERT), funded by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research and is the director of the pharmaceutical outcomes core that is focusing on system issues to reduce the prevalence of drug-drug interactions.  He has conducted numerous research projects and economic studies of pharmaceuticals and health care technologies, and has conducted research on policy issues associated with the use of pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Drug-drug interactions

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4. Cancer Prevention and Control
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University of Arizona
College of Pharmacy
Selected Publications: 

1.    Abarca, J., Malone, D.C., Armstrong, E.P., Grizzle, A.J., Hansten, P.D., Van Bergen, R., Lipton, R.B. Concordance of Major Drug Interaction Classifications among Drug Interaction Compendia. Journal of the American Pharmacist Association 2004: 44:136-41.
2.    Malone DC, Hutchins DS, Haupert H, Hansten P, Duncan B, Van Bergen RC, Solomon SL, Lipton RB. Assessment of potential drug–drug interactions with a prescription claims database.  American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacy 2005 62: 1983-1991.
3.    Abarca J, Malone DC, Skrepnek GH, Rehfeld RA, Murphy JE, Grizzle AJ, Armstrong EP, Woosley RL.  Community pharmacy managers’ perception of computerized drug-drug interaction alerts.  Journal of the American Pharmacist Association 2006; 46(2):148-153.
4.    Perkins NA, Murphy JE, Armstrong EP, Malone DC.  Performance of drug-drug interaction software for personal digital assistants.  Pharmacotherapy 2006; 40:850-855.
5.    Abarca J, Colon LR, Wang VS, Malone DC, Murphy JE, Armstrong EP.  Evaluation of drug-drug interaction screening software in community and hospital pharmacies.  Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy 2006; 12:383-389.
6.    Malone DC, Abarca J, Skrepnek GH, Murphy JE, Armstrong EP, Grizzle AJ, Rehfeld RA, Woosley RL.  Pharmacist workload and pharmacy characteristics associated with dispensing of potentially clinically important drug-drug interactions.  Medical Care 2007; 45:456-462.
7.    Mahmood M, Malone DC, Skrepnek GH, Abarca J, Armstrong EP, Murphy JE, Grizzle AJ, Ko Y, Woosley RL.  Assessment of potential drug-drug interactions within the Veterans Affairs medical centers.  American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacy 2007;64:1500-1505.
8.    Grizzle AJ, Murphy JE, Mahmood M, Armstrong EP, Skrepnek GH, Woosley RL, Jones WN, Schepers GP, Nichol P, Houranieh A, Dare DC, Hoey CT, Malone DC.  Reasons provided by prescribers when overriding drug-drug interaction alerts.  American Journal of Managed Care 2007; 13:573-580.
9.    Wang MT, Skrepnek GH, Armstorng EP, Sherrill DL, Harris RB.  Tsai CL, Malone DC.  Use of salmeterol with and without concurrent use of inhaled corticosteroids and the risk of asthma-related hospitalization among patients with asthma.  Current Medical Opinion and Research  2008; 24:859-867.
10.    Ko Y, Malone DC, Skrepnek GH, Armstrong EP, Murphy JE, Abarca J, Rehfeld RA, Reel SJ, Woosley RL.  Prescribers knowledge of and source for drug-drug interaction information.  Drug Safety 2008; 31:525-536.
11.    Mahmood MH, Armstrong EP, Malone DC, Skrepnek GH. Relationship between pharmaceutical services characteristics and exposure rates to drug-drug interactions in Veterans Affairs medical centers. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy 2008; 65(18):1744-9.
12.    Ko Y, Malone DC, D’Agostino JV, Skrepnek GH, Armstrong EP, Brown M, Woosley RL.  Potential Murphy JE, Malone DC, Olson BM, Grizzle AJ, Armstrong EP, Skrepnek GH.  Development of computerized alert with management strategy for 25 serious drug-drug interactions.  American Journal of Health-Systems Pharmacy 2009; 66:38-44.
13.    Saverno KR, Malone DC, Kurowsky J.  Pharmacy students’ ability to recognize drug-drug interactions.  American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 2009; 73 (2): Article 27: 1-8
14.    Olvey EL, Clauschee S, Malone DC. Comparison of Critical Drug–Drug Interaction Listings: The Department of Veterans Affairs Medical System and Standard Reference Compendia Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2010; 87:48-5109.
15.    Anthony M, Romero K, Malone DC, Hines LE, Higgins L, Woosley RL. Warfarin Interactions With Substances Listed in Drug Information Compendia and in the FDA-Approved Label for Warfarin Sodium. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2009; 86 (4): 425-9.

Professional Information
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American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
American Pharmacists Association
American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists
Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
International Society of Pharmaceutical Outcomes Researchers
Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society


2010    International Society for PharmacoEconomics and Outcomes Research Distinguished Service Award
2005 – 2006    Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association Foundation Sabbatical in Health Outcomes Award
1993 - 1994        AHCPR Post-doctoral Fellowship in Health Services Research
1992 - 1996        AFPE "Academia-Oriented Springboard to Teaching" Fellow in
            Pharmacy Administration
1989            NABP Foundation Scholarship Award
1987            Excellence in Pharmacy Award, University of Colorado
1986            College of Pharmacy Professional Achievement Award, University of Colorado
1985            College of Pharmacy Professional Achievement Award,
            University of Colorado

Academic Information
University of Washington
University of Texas at Austin
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University of Texas at Austin
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University of Colorado Health Science Center