Bernard W Futscher, PhD

Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology

Co-Director, Genomics Shared Service

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(520) 626-4646
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Dr. Futscher is a professor of pharmacology and toxicology in the College of Pharmacy, and a Co-Director of the Cancer Biology & Genetics Program in the Arizona Cancer Center. In addition to his role in the AZCC, he is also a member of the NIEHS-funded Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center, where he is a member of the Internal Advisory Board. He is the scientific director of the Genomics Shared Service, which derives its support from NIH, NIEHS, and the BIO5 Institute at the UA. Dr. Futscher's longstanding research interest is in the area of cancer epigenetics, with specific interests in the mechanisms of epigenetic dysfunction and the identification and development of epigenetic biomarkers for disease prognostication and epigenetic targets for therapeutic intervention. Dr. Futscher has longstanding collaborative research with AZCC members Dr. Anne Cress (adaptive metastasis), Dr. Jay Gandolfi (arsenical-mediated carcinogenesis), and Dr. Jesse Martinez (p53's role in epigenetic dysfunction) among others.


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3. Cancer Biology
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Loyola University of Chicago
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Valparaiso University