Barbara E. Ainsworth, PhD, MPH, FACSM

Professor, Arizona State University

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Assessment of Physical Activity, Physical Activity and Public Health, Physical Activity in Women

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4. Cancer Prevention and Control
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Associate Research Member
Arizona State University (ASU)
College of Nursing and Health Innovation
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The goal of the proposed research is to identify the energy cost and physiological responses to meditative movement. I am trained in exercise physiology and perform research on the energy costs of physical activity.

Selected Publications: 
  • Pettee-Gabriel, K.P., & Ainsworth, B.E. (2009). Physical Activity and Diet to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease: Building Healthy Lifestyles Conference Proceedings. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 3(suppl. 1), 4S-72S.
  • Ainsworth, B.E. (2009). How Do I Measure Physical Activity in My Patients? Questionnaires & Objective Methods. British Journal of Sports Medicine,43, 6-9.
  • Ainsworth, BE. (200). The translation of research in Kinesiology. Quest, 61, 1-10.
  • Martinez, S., Ainsworth, B.E., & Elder J. (2008). Culturally appropriate measures for promoting physical activity in the American Latino population. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 36(2), 195-207
  • Ainsworth, B.E., Mannell, R.C., Behrens, T.K., & Caldwell, L.L. (2007). Perspectives on public health and leisure studies on determinants of physically active leisure. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 4(1), S24-S35
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Physical Activity Epidemiology, Surveillance of Physical Activity, PA in Women, Environmental Supports for Physical Activity

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2007 -
Public Health Nutrition
Physical Activity and Health
President’s Council of Physical Fitness and Sports Research Digest (Editor)



  • University of Minnesota College of Education - One of the top 100 graduates from 1906-2006
  • 2006 Citation Award Recipient for the American College of Sports Medicine
  • 2004 McKenzie Award Recipient for the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance