University of Arizona Cancer Center Preceptorship Program

The University of Arizona Cancer Center, the state's premier National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, is made up of a devoted group of people who are dedicated to preventing and curing cancer. We are nationally recognized for our teaching and research the field of hematology and oncology. The University of Arizona Cancer Center's affiliate for clinical care in Tucson, University of Arizona Medical Center, ranks as the best hospital in Arizona for cancer care among the top 25 in the nation.

The University of Arizona Cancer Center has gained an international reputation for its therapeutic programs for breast, colon, lung, skin, ovarian, pancreas, lymphoma and prostate cancers, and our Cancer Prevention and Control Program is the largest in the country. We have developed more than 14 cancer-fighting drugs and have created more than a dozen biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


What is a preceptorship?

A series of lectures or classes taught by an expert or specialist in a particular field of medicine or nursing.

Who can attend a Cancer Center preceptorship?

Our preceptorship programs are open to scientists, researchers, industry professionals and medical personnel from organizations interested in receiving specific training about various types of cancer, the latest treatment and research information and an inside view of a cancer center's operations.

How long is a preceptorship?

We tailor our programs to meet your needs and offer programs that accommodate your preferences. From one-on-one and in clinic half-days to group sessions that range from one to five days, each preceptorship can be designed to meet the specific area of interest in hematology and/or oncology.

What is a medical preceptorship?

Advanced and/or introductory didactic lecture in hematology and/or oncology are tailored to specific areas of research, clinical practices, case management and more. Lectures are given by expert clinical and research professors from The University of Arizona Cancer Center and the Arizona Health Sciences Center. Each conference is uniquely designed to fit the attendees' needs.

What is a clinical preceptorship?

You will experience a full range of activities in hematology/oncology clinical practice. You will have the opportunity to directly observe physician-patient interaction, discuss signs and symptoms, review past, present and future treatments, review disease management and gain a better understanding of cancer clinical practices.