Oncology Social Workers

Patients, their families and caregivers understand and deal with stress resulting from cancer diagnosis and treatment. Confidential counseling sessions with social workers are available and are held in private offices.

Social workers will assist patients with information about their social security disability, insurance issues and help refer to legal resources.

Social workers also provide information on support groups, housing, transportation and many other useful resources.

Supportive Care for Healing social workers are:

The University of Arizona Cancer Center — North Campus

Women's Cancer:

Brenda Casey, LCSW: (520) 694-0347

Other Cancers:

Jill Winter, LMSW: (520) 694-0845

Lynn Barwick, LCSW: (520) 694-1855

Xochitl Gaxiola, MSW: (520) 694-4650 (bilingual)

Laura Hagerty, LCSW: (520) 694-0805

The University of Arizona Cancer Center — Orange Grove

Linda Jones, MSW: (520) 694-8920

Radiation Oncology — University Campus

Marsha Drozdoff, MSW: (520) 694-4605

Kathleen Pickrel, LMSW: (520) 694-4786