Palliative Care

The Palliative Care Clinic is dedicated to helping patients and families cope with the challenges of difficult, life-limiting illness.

At this time this clinic is available to all adult oncology patients who have a referral from their physician. Our providers can work with patients at any point in their illness, regardless of their current treatment goals, and we strongly encourage early referrals. Our primary goal is to help optimize patient quality of life and provide comfort. We work collaboratively with the patient's primary oncologist.

Ask your physician for a referral to the Palliative Care Clinic if:

  1. You and/or your family are coping with difficult recurrent, advanced or metastatic cancer.
  2. Symptoms such as pain, nausea or dyspnea are impacting your quality of life.
  3. You or your family need more emotional, psychological, spiritual or practical support.
  4. Hospice and/or comfort measures are being considered or discussed.


Mission: PRIDE

P-Provide comfort care

R-Respect of end of life choices/decisions

I-Inclusion of family and community

D-Dedication to quality of life

E-Education of patients, families, and community


Team Members:

Ellyn M. Lee, MD

Linda Snyder, MD

Virginia LeBaron, NP