Genitourinary Cancers Multidisciplinary Clinic

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To schedule an appointment with a genitourinary cancer specialist, please call (520) 694-8913 (Orange Grove Campus) or (520) 694-1975 (North Campus).

The University of Arizona Cancer Center's Genitourinary Cancers Multidisciplinary Clinic treats patients diagnosed with prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer and testicular cancer.

• What are genitourinary cancers?

The Center’s Genitourinary Cancers Team provides expert medical care, as well as research insights. Comprised of nationally-recognized physicians with a common interest and expertise in this type of cancer, the team offers patients the opportunity to receive the most expert opinions available from our Center of Urologic Oncology, as well as our Prostate Cancer Program. Patients also may participate in clinical research trials of prevention, surgical and radiation therapy approaches, therapy for metastatic disease and treatment of survivor-related issues.

• Genitourinary physician specialists

The University of Arizona Cancer Center is nationally recognized for developing improved methods for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer. Many techniques that we helped develop here have become the standard of care and now are used worldwide.

• A multidisciplinary approach

PDF: Download ASCO Answers: Prostate Cancer, trusted information to help manage your care from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Our Team:

Frederick Ahmann, MD, Medical Oncologist

Parminder Singh, MD, Medical Oncologist

Shona T. Dougherty, MB, ChB, PhD, Radiation Oncologist

Jonathan R. Walker, MD, Surgical Oncologist

Ray Nagle, MD, PhD, Pathologist