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BTE currently offers group trainings session in Tucson, Green Valley, Phoenix and Sedona. Participants are also welcome to train on their own in any of these cities, or anywhere in the world!

Group Training Approach

All welcome to run or walk with us, regardless of current ability; no pace is too slow!  Meet up and run or walk together -- it's that simple. We want you to have fun and feel supported as you train with BTE. We offer several running/walking group training sessions throughout the week for you to choose from. You are encouraged to attend as many sessions as you feel like.

Run, walk or both! You are welcome to run or walk with the group at your pace. Many of our BTE team leaders are experienced with a run/walk training routine. This involves incorporating walk breaks into regular running and allows you to reach distance goals while helping to prevent injury and have fun. Biking groups will meet on the weekends on an informal basis.

5:45 p.m. Udall Park

5:45 p.m. UA Mall

6 a.m. Sabino Canyon
6:30 p.m. Track Practice
hosted by UA Track/Field

5:45 p.m. Reid Park
(start time may be earlier as the weather changes)
8 a.m. Rillito River Path @ Campbell/St. Philip's Plaza (first and third Saturdays)
8 a.m. Sabino Canyon (second and fourth Saturdays)
8 a.m. (for Green Valley group), parking lot of Desert Hills Recreation Center

Cycling Program

Our cycling program is open to all levels of experience and beginners will be given special attention to ensure a safe, fun riding experience. More information about ride times and locations are in the works, check back soon!

Season 15 Events

Our training plan is designed around some fantastic local races. Participation in these events is not required to join BTE, but is highly encouraged:

Satellite Training Groups

Details about these groups will be updated soon!

Phoenix- hosted by Goodmans Interior Structures

Training starts soon. Contact Jacqui Montaño,, (602) 512-0570, for more information.

In conjunction with the CEO Cancer Gold Standard™, Goodmans Interior Structures hosts a workplace BTE Team. For the Fall 2014 Session, they will open up their training to the greater Phoenix community. Our Phoenix team is training for a 10K, half marathon and/or a 15K.

BTE Phoenix Contact:Jacqui Montaño, Goodmans Interior Structures, (602) 512-0570


For the ninth consecutive year, BTE has a group in Sedona, AZ. The Sedona team began in 2007 to honor the memory of beloved Sedona resident, Nancy Schubert. Nancy passed away from ovarian cancer after a valiant battle. Her friends and family rallied around the cause and have since raised more than $60,000 for cancer research.

Train From Home/Solo Training

If a group atmosphere isn’t for you, but you still want to support the amazing research at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, this is the option for you. Train for one of our scheduled events on your own, or any event of your choosing.

Benefits include:

  • Access to the same training schedule as local BTE participants (if applicable)
  • Receive weekly e-newsletters with training tips and BTE news
  • Lower fundraising goal than group training participants
  • Free Technical shirt (shipping fees may apply)
  • Support the UA Cancer Center, whose research affects everyone globally!

Train on your own for any event! We will help you create a personalized fundraising page and even a training plan!

More Information

Contact BTE Program Coordinator
Phone: (520) 626-7177
Fax: (520) 626-8606

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