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Skin cancer Prevention Friends


Our Mission


The mission of the University of Arizona Skin Cancer Institute (SCI) is to prevent and cure skin cancer.

Our long-term goal is to decrease skin cancer incidence through increasing public awareness of sun safety and skin cancer detection through outreach, research, patient care and education.


What We Do


Outreach: Expand public awareness about sun safety and skin cancer detection

Research: Increase knowledge of the origins, prevention and treatment of skin cancer

Patient Care: Improve care through better access and referral to dermatology clinic resources

Education: Provide education and training for patients, students and healthcare providers



Join the Skin cancer Prevention Friends

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer today, and the rates keep rising. The work of the SCI to wipe out skin cancer has never been more important than it is today. Support the SCI and join the SPF today.


Levels of Membership


Skin cancer Prevention Friend

Donate $100


·       Subscription to our newsletter

·       Receive the Action Guide and other publications

·       Receive alerts for all of our events

·       Annual luncheon featuring speakers addressing melanoma and skin cancer treatment and prevention

·       Make a difference in your community


Skin cancer Prevention Friend Leader

Donate $500+ and willing to commit to at least 3 years of membership


·       All of the above, plus

·       Leadership role in the SPF Partnership

·       Chance to review progress of SCI and make recommendations for the growth of SCI

·       Serve on SCI Action Committee(s), such as:

·       External review of seed grants

·       Marketing of SCI programs

·       Fund-raising



SCI Champions



Invest in the SCI

Champions invest in the SCI to save lives and prevent skin cancer by giving a minimum of $5,000 annually. Champions will receive:

  • An invitation to the Annual Dinner of SCI Champions where we will share the latest on the SCI's achievements and what is on the horizon 
  • Front-line service in learning about newest advances in skin cancer treatment and prevention; including access to University of Arizona Cancer Center dermatologists
  • Recognition in SCI publications, social media, website and all annual events
  • Recognition at our annual Melanoma Walk
  • A ‘Protect Your Skin’ sunscreen kit donated to the school or organization of your choice


Importance of the SCI Champions

The SCI is seeking to become the model for skin cancer prevention and treatment in the United States.

  • Champions advocate with policy makers, community members, and business partners to increase awareness of the need for early detection and prevention.
  • Champions are the leaders who stand up to fight skin cancer. Their investment will provide: 

    Research to advance skin cancer detection, treatment and prevention

    Student and faculty seed grants to pursue novel research ideas

                              Skin cancer educational materials to increase awareness in our community

                              Additional sun screen stations in the community

                              Sponsorship for the annual Melanoma Walk

                              Lecture series and guest speakers

                              Education on sun safety and skin cancer prevention for children and young adults

    Advancement in patient care to deliver more efficient and effective treatments


Call or email us today to learn more about how to join the fight against skin cancer:

Phone: 1-888-724-2749