Remembering Jadrian Rusche

Remembering Jadrian Rusche

It was a great shock to learn of the death of Jadrian (Jade) Rusche. We employed Jade as a Research Specialist two years ago to work on a project related to the chemoprevention of non-melanoma skin cancer. The research he was doing is supported by a long-standing NCI Program Project Grant. Drs. Tim Bowden and David Alberts have been PIs on the Grant for a number of years, and Dr. Sally Dickinson has taken over Dr. Bowden’s Project since his retirement.

Jade was assisting Dr. Dickinson on a project dealing with the mechanism of action of a natural product called sulforaphane, found in broccoli. The laboratory is working toward finding compounds, natural or man-made, which can help people reduce their risk of skin cancer during their lifetime, and sulforaphane is one of those compounds. Jade was instrumental in performing many aspects of this important research.

Jade was a very well-trained and insightful researcher who worked in several UA laboratories throughout the years. He enjoyed learning new techniques and applying these techniques to a research problem. He was a gifted tinkerer who fixed and maintained laboratory equipment and helped others fix their cars. Jade also excelled at mentoring undergraduate students who worked in our laboratory. 

He was very active in helping undergraduate students understand research problems and the techniques used to carry out  research. Jade had been mentoring four students at the time he died. He was a personable, helpful, easy-going man who interacted very effectively and fairly with everyone at the Cancer Center.

Jade is going to be missed by everyone at the University of Arizona Cancer Center who knew him.

Tim Bowden, PhD
Sally Dickinson, PhD

- Sept. 6, 2013