BTE funds a novel approach to ovarian cancer early detection and prevention

Better Than Ever
Better Than Ever

The Better Than Ever (BTE) training program is a fitness training and fundraising program designed to help make walking, running or biking a regular part life. The program also raises funds to support investigator-initiated clinical trials.

For 2013, the BTE research grants will supplement the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant pilot program. The grant review committee, and all of us at the University of Arizona Cancer Center are very grateful for the support of our BTE participants. This year's awards bring the 13-year grant distribution total to more than $1.8 million.

This year's funding goes to Guang Yao, PhD and Wenxin Zheng, MD who will study "Molecular Mechanism of Tubal Secretory Cell Expansion and Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer Early Detection."

Women's pelvic serous cancer (PSC) constitutes serous carcinomas of the ovary, fallopian tube and peritoneum. It is now known that the majority of women's PSCs are derived from fallopian tubal epithelial cells. Such understanding has gradually shifted the research focus from the ovary or the ovarian surface epithelia to the tubal epithelial cells. Two different types of epithelial cells are present in tubal mucosa: one with cilia and the other one without. The overgrowth of the tubal cells without cilia serves as a latent precancer or a common pathway prior to the development into ovarian serous cancer.

The combined efforts from Drs. Yao and Zheng are expected to uncover the mystery of the growth advantages of the cells without cilia in the fallopian tubes of PSC patients. Such understanding will help us to develop a novel way of ovarian cancer early detection and prevention.

About the researchers:

GuangYaoPhD_web.jpgGuangYaoPhD_web.jpgGuang Yao, PhD
A cell biologist whose expertise is cancer pathway and analysis at the molecular and system level.



WenxinZheng,MD_web.jpgWenxin Zheng, MD
A physician scientist and an internationally recognized gynecologic pathologisy who has contributed multiple original research works in the field of gynecologic oncology and gynecologic pathology.



About Better Than Ever:

Better Than Ever (BTE) is an outreach program of the University of Arizona Cancer Center designed to encourage you to make fitness a regular part of life, and work to prevent cancer. We invite you to meet up with us each week to run, walk or bike as we train for local goal events, and raise funds for cancer research. We offer a welcoming, non-competitive atmosphere for all fitness levels. Our focus is on prevention, so you do not need to be a cancer survivor to participate. We want to help you feel "Better Than Ever!"

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