BTE grant a critical piece of the puzzle for Jennifer Bea, PhD

Jennifer Bea, PhD
Jennifer Bea, PhD

The Better Than Ever fitness outreach program aims to help integrate fitness into daily life while raising funds for UA Cancer Center researchers. In 2008, the grant review committee awarded $25,000 to junior investigator Jennifer Bea, PhD, to study “Prevention of Frailty in Breast Cancer Survivors.”

Dr. Bea created the study from start to finish and worked with 27 breast cancer survivors to conduct a reasonably aggressive workout plan three days a week. The eight-week intervention was successful in significantly increasing arm and leg strength and lean mass without a change in body weight. The study showed promise and could lead to exercise-based programs tailored to the needs of breast cancer survivors.

Without this grant, Dr. Bea’s research may not have happened. The money was just one piece of the puzzle necessary for her post-doctoral work, but it “was critical in being able to conduct an independent intervention,” said Dr. Bea, instead of having to use data from other investigators’ studies. Dr. Bea plans to use the data from this study to pursue additional funding to conduct the study on a larger scale and she hopes to expand on decreasing barriers to exercise for breast cancer survivors.

- Marisa Allen, Oct. 1, 2012