World renowned cancer geneticist meets with High Risk Clinic

World renowned cancer geneticist meets with High Risk Clinic

Cancer genetics pioneer Henry T. Lynch, MD, of Creighton University, met with members of The University of Arizona Cancer Center's High Risk Cancer Genetics Clinic and other medical professionals during a visit to Tucson Sept. 8.

Dr. Lynch is recognized widely as one of the fathers of cancer genetics. During the 1960s when cancer was considered an almost solely environmentally caused disease, Dr. Lynch demonstrated Mendelian inheritance patterns for a previously unrecognized form of colon cancer, Hereditary non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer, now known as Lynch syndrome.

Dr. Lynch provided some of the first findings of hereditary malignant melanoma and of familial aspects of prostate and pancreatic cancer. His work has enabled physicians to provide appropriate disease management and treatment.

Dr. Lynch has published 792 peer-reveiwed papers and edited more than a dozen books related to the diagnosis, prevention, counseling and treatment of hereditary disorders, primarily cancer. He serves on the editorial board of several medical journals and is the editor-in-chief of "Familial Cancer."

Dr. Lynch's visit was sponsored by Ambry Genetics.