Cornerstone Alliance Against Cancer makes an impact

Cornerstone Alliance Against Cancer makes an impact

When Arizona Cancer Center Board Member, Dan Cavanagh founded the Cornerstone Alliance Against Cancer in 2007 his goal was to raise funds to defeat cancer. The group, which was comprised of members of the Cornerstone Building Foundation and the Arizona Builders Alliance, have been making a difference ever since.

For Dan, the cause is personal. He lost his beloved wife Jean to breast cancer and sees his involvement as an investment in the future of his children and grandchildren.  "I have two children and twelve grandchildren," said Dan. "This is a way that I can do something now that will have an enormous impact on the health of our loved ones in the future."

Dan is not alone. Many in the group have had friends or loved ones who have fought the devastating disease. Each year the group gathers to tally what they have raised and then asks Center Director, Dr. David Alberts, where their funding could make the most difference. In the past they have directed funds to research on breast cancer, throat cancer, colon cancer, the patient assistant fund, and have supported a myriad of physicians and scientists who work at the center. To date the group has raised an astounding $60,000.

This year the funding went to Dr. Robert Livingston who is a distinguished scientist and listed among the best physicians in the country. Dr. Livingston will utilize this funding to seed innovative research and develop new therapies for breast cancer patients.

In addition to raising funds the group takes a tour of the clinic each year to learn a little more and to introduce others to the Arizona Cancer Center.

“The Arizona Cancer Center is a tremendous resource for people in Arizona. It has many of the top clinical and laboratory-based researchers in the country and outstanding patient care, so groups like the Cornerstone Alliance Against Cancer are not only wonderful for their support, but are vital in making sure that people know that they can receive top notch cancer care without leaving their community,” said the Center’s Director, Dr. Alberts.

“Dan is a member of the Arizona Cancer Center Advisory Board and a dedicated supporter of the Center who sets a great example for others. We are lucky to have Dan and the Alliance involved in the everyday life of our center. We are very grateful for what they do.”