Arizona Cancer Center director a CEO Against Cancer

David S. Alberts, MD
David S. Alberts, MD

Arizona Cancer Center director David S. Alberts, MD, is a member of the newly launched Arizona Chapter of CEOs Against Cancer. He joins 17 other CEOs in the new group, which is an initiative of the American Cancer Society.

CEOs Against Cancer is composed of local business executives who are committed to improving the health of employees, organizations and communities by raising awareness about cancer and the lifestyle choices related to cancer-related illnesses. Employers can help workers stop smoking, exercise more and lose weight by making these actions a focus of workplace culture and giving workers tools to hold themselves accountable.

Increasing employee wellness and the health of a corporation is important as the cost associated with lost productivity due to cancer-related illnesses nationwide is estimated at $20.9 billion.

Founded in 2003 in Chicago, the initiative has 15 chartered state chapters and has grown to include more than 250 CEOs nationwide.

CEOs from across the state who lead organizations of 1,000 or more employees are invited to join the group to take advantage of wellness resources that directly impact their organizations. For membership information, contact Linda Houser-Zenonian of the American Cancer Society at (602) 952-7536.