3NW at UMC dedicated to oncology care

One of the newly renovated patient rooms in 3NW
One of the newly renovated patient rooms in 3NW

A hospital wing once devoted to pediatric patients at University Medical Center is being transformed into a unit that will focus on the care of people with cancer.

Oncology patients have unique needs, said Michael A. Bookman, MD, chief of the Arizona Cancer Center’s hematology/oncology section.

“While most cancer treatments are provided in the outpatient setting of the Arizona Cancer Center at UMC North and Orange Grove, when complications arise, it is reassuring to have a special place dedicated to inpatient cancer care within UMC, offering our patients a truly integrated delivery system, which is an important part of the total care of our patients,” he said.

“Because of the nature of cancer and the complexities of cancer treatment, we maintain long-term relationships with our patients, including times when they require admission to the hospital. This differs from ‘episodic’ care that might be needed to solve an isolated or self-limited problem in non-cancer settings,” Dr. Bookman said.

At 3NW, patients will be cared for within a team setting, including specially trained medical staff aware of their history, treatments and specific needs. Two-way communication between the inpatient unit and the outpatient multidisciplinary team will enhance continuity of care, and ensure that everyone participates in key decisions, Dr. Bookman said.

The oncology unit will move into 3NW by the end of the year.


By Sara Hammond