Building Awareness

Lisa Lovallo (left) and Shannon Ortiz
Lisa Lovallo (left) and Shannon Ortiz

At the Arizona Cancer Center, we act against cancer every day. However, one need not be a physician or researcher to do so.

In fact, Cox Media is acting against cancer by helping increase the Arizona Cancer Center’s visibility statewide.

Last summer, Cox Media and the Cancer Center met to discuss a corporate partnership. The two organizations have a lot in common, said Michael Dunne, director of media relations for Cox in Southern Arizona.

“The Arizona Cancer Center is a statewide facility and we are a statewide organization,” he said. “The idea of not only a healthy Tucson and healthy Southern Arizona but a healthy state is very critical for us. It’s where our customers live - it’s where our
employees live.”

Cox Media’s investment to help build awareness of the Cancer Center has included online advertising and will also include commercials to air in the coming months on the Comcast and Cox Cable TV networks. At the same time, the Cancer Center put the Cox logo on the new Act Against Cancer billboards, which are in Tucson and around the state.

“The nice thing is that the Cancer Center is also trying to help Cox be successful in its endeavors as a business,” said Lisa Lovallo, Cox Communications vice president for Tucson and Southern Arizona. “We’re tying to build a partnership for the long haul.”
Though this began as a business arrangement, it also quickly became personal. Shortly after the first meeting, Shannon Ortiz, a beloved Cox employee, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lovallo urged her to go to the Arizona Cancer Center.

“The whole reason I went to the Cancer Center was because of Lisa,” said Ortiz, who praised her physicians, Drs. Leona Downey and Setsuko Chambers. “I’m incredibly pleased. I just love it there.”

Seeing Ortiz, a sales team leader who has been with the company 20 years, receive personalized, quality care made Lovallo and others at Cox feel that the Cancer Center partnership went beyond a corporate giving arrangement.

“Right at the time these billboards were going up we had an entire organization rooting for an employee who has been here forever, so we had a tremendous amount of pride in our partnership with the Cancer Center,” Lovallo said. “It’s a beautiful partnership with a personal tie to our company.”

Ortiz, a mother of three, successfully finished chemotherapy in January. That - more than marketing or community outreach - is what the partnership is all about, Lovallo said.

“It was not about sponsorships,” she said. “It was about getting the word out so more people get care.”

“The ultimate goal is to save lives,” she added. “That’s the purpose of it. Our job is to get behind these visionaries and ensure they accomplish their goals faster. That, for me, is success.”

A circle of influential friends awaits your company

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