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Listen to University of Arizona Cancer Center Interim Director Anne Cress’ interview with local journalist and talk show host Bill Buckmaster. Dr. Cress’ segment starts at the 2-minute mark.

Soham Puvvada, MD

The Hope Foundation's Charles A. Coltman Jr., award will support Dr. Soham Puvvada's research on drug combinations for lymphoma patients.

Better Than Ever

Fundraising dollars from the Better Than Ever program have been awarded to two researchers who will look to a find a new approach to detecting and preventing ovarian cancer.

Farid Gharagozloo, MD, FACS

People who are at high risk for lung cancer should receive annual low-dose CT scans to help prevent cancer-related death.

You can support the UACC's Skin Cancer Institute - and get some bargains for yourself - by purchasing a savings pass for Macy's.

Anne E. Cress, PhD

Anne E. Cress, PhD, professor of cellular and molecular medicine and radiation oncology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, has been named interim director of the University of Arizona Cancer Center.

Sally Dickinson, PhD

With skin cancer emerging as one of the world’s most prevalent forms of cancer, researchers are using every tool at their disposal to fight this disease. The tool of choice for Sally Dickinson, PhD? Broccoli.


A wonderful group of UA Cancer Center supporters in Phoenix provides critical funding annually for basic scientific research projects.

Monica Yellowhair, PhD

Uranium exposure has led to some devastating public health consequences, including potential increased risk for certain forms of cancer. It’s an issue that truly hits home for Monica Yellowhair, PhD.

The field of cancer biology has taken incredible leaps forward in recent years, but these advances are just the first steps toward the ultimate goal of preventing and curing cancer. It will fall to the next generation of research scientists to turn that goal into reality.