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Don't be fooled by claims that you can eat or drink effective sun protection.

Andrew S. Kraft, MD

Nationally noted physician-scientist and health administrator Andrew S. Kraft, MD, is named the director of the Univeristy of Arizona Cancer Center.

Patricia A. Thompson, PhD

Women whose early-stage breast cancers had reduced numbers of copies of the LRIG1 gene were more likely to have a relapse or die of their disease, according to data analyzed by UACC researcher Patricia Thompson, PhD.

Nathan A. Ellis, PhD

Nathan A. Ellis, PhD, an internationally recognized genetics researcher has joined UACC to be the program leader of the Center’s Cancer Biology Program.

Joanne Jeter, MD, never backs down from a challenge. In fact, she seeks out the toughest cases, because they often lead to the biggest breakthroughs.

Our Skin Cancer Institute is putting a fun focus on May as National Skin Cancer/Melanoma Detection and Prevention month. Find out how you can join in.

Lisa Rimsza, MD

Lisa Rimsza, MD, was recently awarded $1.75 million over five years to serve as the Southwest Regional Biorepository for the AIDS Cancer Specimen Resource (ACSR) Network.

For the ninth year, the University of Arizona Cancer Center's Skin Cancer Institute will present Living in Harmony with the Sun at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum May 31 - to teach how desert and animals have adopted to the sun and thrive in a desert environment.

Leigh A. Neumayer, MD, MS

Leigh A. Neumayer, MD, MS has been named head of the University of Arizona College of Medicine's Department of Surgery and the UA Cancer Center's Margaret E. and Fenton L. Maynard Endowed Chair in Breast Cancer Research.

The final beam at the Univerity of Arizona Cancer Center- Phoenix was set atop the building Tuesday, another milestone toward a Summer 2015 opening.