October, 2013

Donato Romagnolo, PhD, MSc
Donato Romagnolo, PhD, MSc

UACC researchers focus on maternal links to breast cancer

University of Arizona Cancer Center member Donato Romagnolo, PhD, MSc, is leading a study that suggests that external environmental and dietary factors in pregnant women may have an impact on future breast cancer risk for the offspring.

The 'Wild West' of cancer research

While successful cancer research requires an analytical, detail-oriented mind, the truly transcendent work in the field comes as a result of an adventurous spirit and a flair for the dramatic.

Cancer Center physicians to discuss prostate and lung cancers

Four University of Arizona College of Medicine faculty members will offer a free program on prostate and lung cancer from diagnosis to treatment at Ventana Medical Systems in Oro Valley Nov. 6 as part of "Movember."

Joyce Schroeder, PhD, & Todd Camenisch, PhD
Joyce Schroeder, PhD, & Todd Camenisch, PhD

Cancer researchers awarded grant to further breast cancer drug

Joyce Schroeder, PhD, and Todd D. Camenisch, PhD, were recently awarded a grant from the National Cancer Institute to further develop a drug to treat metastatic breast cancer.

In the beginning

The University of Arizona Cancer Center didn’t become one of the nation’s premier cancer research and treatment facilities overnight. It took years of planning and forethought to lay the foundation for what this institution would eventually become.

UACC physician-scientists’ study findings reported at international gyn meeting

UA Cancer Center physicians participated in a study looking at optimal therapy for women with newly diagnosed ovarian cancer.

David S. Alberts, MD
David S. Alberts, MD

David S. Alberts, MD, granted Director Emeritus title

David S. Alberts, MD, the Director of the University of Arizona Cancer Center from 2005-2013, has been granted the Director Emeritus title by the Arizona Health Sciences Center.