120525_analysis_of_0511_TB_disabled_2.jpgCT Mouse lung with ribs

The Inveon variable focus X-ray source can achieve focal spot sizes of 6 microns; 20 microns with a high speed shutter allows for acquiring projections of 10 ms.

  • A high performance CT imaging system with variable zoom technology and multiple source and detector options, provides total flexibility, versatility and resolution for all applications
  • A fully shielded design with dual motion control panels, touch screen monitor control, built-in shielded ports for anesthesia and optional physiological monitoring system.


  • The automated zoom feature in the Inveon CT enables imaging a wide range of densities from anatomical resolution to high resolution scans
  • High resolution CT imaging allows for more precise analysis of near microscopic elements such as trabecular bone analysis
  • The large FOV in the Inveon CT enables single-bed position imaging of whole-body mice as well as longer objects with bed-stitching
  • The cardiac and respiratory gating feature in the Inveon CT allows precise imaging by being able to freeze the object at defined points in the cardia or respiratory cycles
  • The upgradeablity feature enables starting out with the affordable CT system and upgrading in the future depending on application needs

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