Housestaff Information


All residents are appointed as Clinical Assistants at the University of Arizona and are entitled to privileges given to all University personnel. This is a year to year appointment.



The pay scale changes annually. Current levels will be available to all who visit at the time of their interview. The current annual salary for the fiscal year 2015-2016 is as follows:

Post-Grad Year Annual Salary









Provided by the State of Arizona while performing residency related activities.



All house officers are given the option for one of several different health insurance plans at minimal cost due to State of Arizona sponsorship. Additionally, a choice of four dental plans is available. A $15,000 term life insurance policy is provided with supplemental amounts available at a small cost. Long term disability is provided with an option for the purchase of short term disability.



Each house officer is granted 22 days of vacation yearly. In addition, there are currently six designated holidays and four floating holidays.


Sick Leave

This benefit accrues at the rate of one day per month.


Fee Waiver

A special registration fee is extended to each house officer, their spouses and eligible dependents who wish to enroll in undergraduate or graduate level courses at the University of Arizona.



Covered parking is provided free of charge at UMC and TMC. Free uncovered parking is available at the VA.


Family & Medical Leave

In accordance with the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 and the University Handbook for Appointed Personnel, eligible employees may take Family and Medical leave for the birth of a child and the care of such newborn child; for the placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster care; for the care of the employee's spouse, child or parent who has a serious health condition; or for the employee's own serious health condition that prevents him/her from performing the essential functions of his/her position. Arrangements are made by request in writing through the Program Director's office. Periods of leave may affect the necessary requirements for fulfillment of Board Certification.



Copying privileges in the Arizona Health Sciences Library equal to $18 per year. Additional copying is available through the Department of Medicine. Free copying is available at TMC and SAVAHCS.


Counseling Services

Confidential counseling support services are available to all residents, fellows and their immediate family members.


Wellness Center and Gym

At UMC, there is an excellent on-site gym with free weights, weight-lifting machines and aerobic equipment. This can be obtained for a very reasonable monthly fee. In addition, the University of Arizona's Fitness Center is also accessible for a semester-based fee.