Cancer Biology Seminar Series

Cancer Biology Seminar Series (CBIO596h)
Arizona Cancer Center, Kiewit Auditorium, rm 2951
Monday, 9-10am, refreshments
Fall Course Coordinators: Hong-yu Li, PhD
Spring Course Coordinator: Jean Wilson, PhD

Fall 2014

August 25 First day of classes, no seminar

September 1 Labor Day Holiday, no seminar

September 8 Danzhou Yang, PhD, Professor, UA Pharmacology & Toxicology. “DNA G-quadruplexes as potential drug targets”

September 15 Leslie Gunatilaka, PhD, Professor, UA Arid Lands Resources Sciences. “Traditional Medicine Inspired Anticancer Drug Discovery”

September 22Donna Zhang,PhD, Professor, UA Pharmacology & Toxicology. “Modulators of the Nrf2-Keap1-ARE Pathway as a Novel Therapeutics”

September 29Christina Laukaitis, MD, FACP, Assistant Professor, UA Medicine. “TBA”.  Will be recorded and available live or archival, see below.

October 6 Harshil Dhruv, PhD Research Assistant Professor, Division of Cancer and Cell Biology TGen. “TBA”

October 13 Nathan Ellis, PhD, Associate Professor, UA Cellular and Molecular Medicine. “TBA”.Will be recorded and available live or archival, see below.

October 20 Lisa Shantz, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, Pennsylvania State College of Medicine. (Host: Natalia Ignatenko) “TBA”

October 27 Aparna Sertil, PhD, Assistant Professor, Basic Medical Sciences, UA College of Medicine – Phoenix. (Host: Marty Pagel) “TBA”

November 3 Sam Campos, PhD, UA Assistant Professor, Immunobiology.  “TBA”

November 10 no seminar

November 17  Jinming Gao, PhD, Professor of Oncology and Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacology, Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center, UT Southwestern Medical Center (Hosts: M Pagel/BME, Gmitro/Radiology) “TBA”

November 24 Justina McEvoy, PhD, Assistant Professor, UA Molecular and Cellular Biology. “TBA”

December 1  Wael El-Rifai, MD, PhD, H. William Scott, Jr., Chair in Surgery Professor, Surgery & Cancer Biology Director, Surgical Oncology Research Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Host: Hong-yu Li) “TBA”

December 8 William Montfort, PhD, UA Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry “TBA”

December 10 last day of classes

 You may access the presentation live or archival at


Contact: Anne Cione 626-7479

Sponsored by the Cancer Biology Training Grant T32CA009213 and the Arizona Cancer Center