Faculty Profiles

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Margaret, PhD

Professor, Pathology

Vice Chair, CBIO GIDP

Relationship between oxidative stress  and disease processes, particularly cancer

Setsuko, MD

Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Medicine

Inhibition of CSF-1 and/or c-fms function; decrease bone metastasis from breast cancer and help alleviate bone pain

Qin, PhD

Professor, Pharmacology

Molecular mechanisms of oxidative stress and pharmacological agents of cytoprotection

Anne E.
, PhD
Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Regulation of normal and cancer cell responses to environmental signals

Carol L., PhD

Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Organelle biogenesis

Thomas, PhD

Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

TGFB in T-cell homeostasis and tolerance

Hanna (Johnny), PhD

Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Membrane trafficking in C. elegans

Bernard, PhD

Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology 

Cancer epigenetics and epigenomics

Eugene W., PhD

Professor Emeritus, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Signaling pathways influencing growth and apoptosis in carcinogenesis; polyamine metabolism

Ghosh, Sourav, PhD
Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Regulation of cell polarity in development and disease

Goodrum, Felicia, PhD
Assistant Professor, Immunobiology

Human cytomegalovirus (CMV) latency

Leslie, PhD

Professor and Associate Director, Natural Products Chemistry 

Natural products and medicinal chemistry including isolation, characterization and partial synthesis of anticancer agents and their mechanisms of action

Hastings, Karen MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Basic Medical Sciences, Immunobiology

Antigen processing and immune recognition of melanoma

Ronald L.
, PhD
Professor, Surgery

Molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis and prostate carcinoma epithelial-mesenchymal transformation; regulation of cadherins in vascular morphogenesis

Laurence H., PhD

Professor, Medicinal Chemistry

Discovery and development of novel anticancer drugs; telomeres; telomerase; transcriptional control; topoisomerases as drug targets

Natalia, PhD

Associate Professor (Research), Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Study of the molecular changes in gaA leading to malignancy for the purpose of identification of molecular markers for detection or prevention of gastrointestinal cancer

Emmanuel, MD

Professor, Pediatrics

Mechanisms of tumor-induced immunosuppression; promotion of anti-tumor immunity

Suwon, PhD

Assistant Professor, Basic Medical Sciences

Cancer biology and tumor suppressors

Landowski, Terry, PhD, Associate Professor, Medicine (Research)

Molecular mechanisms of cell death and survival

Nicolas, PhD

Associate Professor (Research), Pediatrics

Mechanisms of tumor-induced immunosuppression; promotion of anti-tumor immunity 

Christine Laukaitis, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Clinical Medicine

Gene copy number variation in cancer

Kirsten, PhD

Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences

Radiation-induced salivary gland dysfunction; mechanisms of damage, clinical prevention measures, and restoration therapies

Jesse D., PhD

Cancer Biology GIDP Program Chair,

Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Mechanisms of colon cancer chemoprevention

McDermott, Kimberly, PhD, Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

The role of cilia in mammary gland biology

Emmanuelle, PhD

AssociateProfessor, Nutritional Sciences

Regulation of PTEN in cancer cells; development of novel anti-cancer agents; modulation of receptor tyrosine kinases via membrane lipid and cholesterol content

William, PhD

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Determine the atomic structures of proteins and seek to understand how protein structure gives rise to protein function - both in vitro and in living cells

Raymond B., MD, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Pathology

Prostate cancer progression

Mark A., PhD

Professor, Pathology

Molecular mechanisms of physical and chemical carcinogenesis; biochemical and molecular pharmacology of cancer chemopreventive drugs

Pagel, Mark "Marty", PhD, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering

MRI methods to evaluate anti-cancer therapies; develop contrast agents for optical imaging and photoacoustic imaging.

Porreca, Frank, PhD, Professor, Pharmacology

Bone pain in cancer

Rimsza, Lisa, MD, Professor, Pathology

development of new molecular methods, including gene expression profiling in frozen and paraffin embedded tissues, for lymphoma diagnosis and prognosis

Rogers, Greg, PhD, Assistant Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine 

characterizing a particular pathway (the Plk4 pathway) to control the biogenesis of centrosomes

Donato, PhD

Professor, Nutritional Sciences

Cellular and molecular mechanisms in mammary function; gene expression in cell proliferation and differentiation

Schatz, Jonathan, MD, Assistant Professor, Medicine


Schmelz, Monika, PhD
Assistant Professor (Research), Pathology

Stem cells within the human prostate gland

Schroeder, Joyce, PhD, Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Breast cancer progression and invasion

Smith, Catharine, PhD Associate Profesor, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression, particularly their regulation through signaling pathways and their modulation by anti-cancer drugs.

Sun, Daekyu, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Angiogenesis; understanding the chemical and biological mechanisms of the antineoplastic, DNA-damaging natural product leinamycin; understanding inducible resistant mechanisms in human cancer cells to DNA-damaging anticancer drugs

Thompson Carino,
, PhD
Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Biomarker identification and validation for disease risk assessment and early detection; discovery of protein markers in nipple aspirate fluid

Tran, Nhan, PhD Research Assistant Professor, UA Phoenix College of Medicine

Development  of therapeutic targets for invasive glioma cells: development of novel therapies.

Ted, PhD

Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Control of cell division in the yeast  Saccharomyces cerevisiae; use of genetic, physiological and molecular techniques to study how the cell delays entry into mitosis if chromosomes are damaged

Wilson, Jean, PhD, Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Epithelial cells and neurons:regulation of development and polarity

Georg, PhD

Associate Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology

Development of novel molecular agents for skin cancer chemoprevention and chemotherapy

Danzhou, PhD

Associate Professor, Pharmacology Toxicology

Interaction of camptothecin anticancer drugs with DNA and topoisomerase I; Novel DNA quadruplex interacting compounds

Yao, Guang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology

Cancer pathways using quantitative systems biology

Donna, PhD

Associate Professor, Pharmacology Toxicology

Nrf2/Keap1 signaling pathway