Graduate Program Classes

Core/Required Courses

CBIO552 Cancer Biology

CBIO553 Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology

CBIO 561 Clinical Cancer Biology Experience (offered every other year and limited to Cancer Biology GIDP students)

CBIO 595B Scientific Writing Strategies, Skills and Ethics

CBIO 595C Cancer Biology Colloquium (limited to Cancer Biology GIDP students)

CBIO 596H Cancer Biology Seminar Series

CBIO 597A Experimental Design

CBIO 597C Grant Writing for Graduate Students

CBIO 681 Introduction to Research (Lab Rotations)

CBIO 900 Research

CBIO 920 Dissertation

EPID576A Biostatistics


Cancer Biology Minor

A minor in Cancer Biology requires 9 units of CBIO courses.  We suggest a meeting with the chair of the program prior to making your selection.

Suggested Elective Courses

CBA 596i Principles of Cell/Molec Cardiovascular Biology

CBIO 510 Gene Therapy and Molecular Engineering

CBIO 550 Drug Disposition and Metabolism

CBIO 567 Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

CBIO 578 Signal Transduction in Molecular Medicine

CBIO 595a Oncogenes and Signal Transduction

CBIO 602a General and Systems Toxicology

CBIO 610 Molecular and Cellular Toxicology

MCB 516 Bioinformatics & Genomic Analysis

MCB 568 Nucleic Acids

PCOL 515 Basic Human Pathology

PCOL 530 Proteins and Nucleic Acids as Drug Targets

PCOL 601 Toxicogenomics and Proteomics

PCOL 630B Cellular Communications and Signal Transduction

PHSC 670 Principles in Drug Discovery, Design, Development


For more information, please consult the Graduate Catalog or the Schedule of Classes