The University of Arizona Cancer Center Leadership

Cancer Center Senior Leadership

Anne E. Cress, PhD, Interim Cancer Center Director

Jesse D. Martinez, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

M. Peter Lance, MD, Chief Cancer Control Officer

Emad Elquza, MD, Medical Director, North Campus & Orange Grove Campus


Director's Committee

    David S. Alberts, MD

    Amanda Baker, PharmD, PhD

    Michael A. Bookman, MD

    G. Timothy Bowden, PhD

    Thomas D. Boyer, MD

    Setsuko K. Chambers, MD

    Bruce M. Coull, MD

    Thomas C. Doetschman, PhD

    Robert T. Dorr, PhD, RPH

    Arthur F. Gmitro, PhD

    Michael S. Gordon, MD

    Sara Hammond *

    Emmanuel Katsanis, MD

    Robert Krouse, MD, FACS

    Phillip Kuo, MD, PhD

    M. Peter Lance, MD

    G. Michael Lemole, MD

    Diego R. Martin, MD, PhD

    Jesse D. Martinez, PhD

    Thomas P. Miller, MD

    Raymond B. Nagle, MD, PhD

    Denise J. Roe, DrPH

    Joyce A. Schroeder, PhD

    James Sligh, MD, PhD

    Baldassarre Stea, MD, PhD

    Steven Stratton, PhD

    Patricia Stumbo, RN, MBA, OCN *

    Patricia Thompson, PhD

    Evan C. Unger, MD

    James A. Warneke, MD, FACS

    Karen Weihs, MD

    Andrew M. Yeager, MD

    *ex officio

      Scientific Research Program Leaders Cancer Biology

      Nathan A. Ellis, PhD, Cancer Biology

      Patricia Thompson, PhD, Cancer Prevention and Control

      Arthur Gmitro, PhD, Cancer Imaging

      Evan C. Unger, MD, Cancer Imaging

      Robert Dorr, PhD, RPH, Therapeutic Development

      Michael A. Bookman, MD, Therapeutic Development

        Multidisciplinary Team Leaders

        Andrew M. Yeager, MD, Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Leukemia

        Robert B. Livingston, MD, Breast

        Alison T. Stopeck, MD, Breast

        Emad Elquza, MD, Gastrointestinal

        Frederick Ahmann, MD, Genitourinary

        Setsuko Chambers, MD, Gynecologic

        Linda L Garland, MD, Lung

        Thomas P. Miller, MD, Lymphoma

        Baldassarre Stea, MD, PhD, Neuro-oncology

        Lee Cranmer, MD, PhD, Sarcoma

        James Sligh, MD, PhD, Skin, Melanoma

        Linda L. Garland, MD, Early-Phase Clinical Research

          Clinical Discipline Leaders

          Andrew M. Yeager, MD, Blood and Marrow Transplantation

          James Sligh, MD, PhD, Dermatology

          Setsuko Chambers, MD, Gynecologic Oncology

          Baldassarre Stea, MD, PhD, Radiation Oncology

          James Warneke, MD, FACS, Surgical Oncology

          Karen Weihs, MD, Psychosocial Oncology

            Institutes and Developing Programs Leaders

            David S. Alberts, MD, Skin Cancer Institute

            Robin Harris, PhD, MPH, Skin Cancer Institute

            Francine C. Gachupin, PhD, MPH, CID, Cancer Health Disparities Institute

            Robert Krouse, MD, FACS, Biobehavioral and Social Sciences Research Project

            Setsuko K. Chambers, MD, Women's Cancers

              University of Arizona Cancer Center -- Clinical Leaders

              Patricia Stumbo, RN, MBA, Oncology Services Director

              Grace Weiss, RN, MSN, Oncology Clinics Manager

              Emad Elquza, MD, Medical Director, North Campus & Orange Grove Campus

              Margaret Miller, MD, Infusion Services Chief, North Campus

              Karen Weihs, MD, Psychosocial Oncology Director

              Kimberley Ward, Operations Manager, Oncology Services

              Lora H. Ward, RN, MS, OCN, Clinic Manager, Orange Grove Campus